Writing/Rewriting Hybrid Femininity: Understanding Greek-Australian Feminist Playwriting through an Intertextual Process

2020-01-03T10:27:31Z (GMT) by CHRISTINE LAMBRIANIDIS
This practice-based thesis argues that Greek-Australian feminist playwriting can be understood through an intertextual process that articulates feminine hybridity; in our plays, we reform cultural texts and empower the female body to express ourselves. Through creating and analysing my own practice (The Debt) as well as analysing the plays of Tes Lyssiotis (A White Sports Coat) and Koraly Dimitriadis (KORALY “I say the wrong things all the time”), I expose the fundamental link between hybridity and intertextuality in order to illustrate how Greek-Australian feminists write plays. We exist between two cultures and capturing this diverse polyphony of voices through playwriting means bravely challenging ethnic and patriarchal assumptions. Questioning these stereotypical, cultural texts in our plays can be comprehended as intertextual: we write and then rewrite the texts that have made and unmade us.