Which key attributes combine to create the outstanding primary school science teacher

2018-06-19T05:47:39Z (GMT) by CHRISTINE REDMAN
This study seeks to determine the key contributors to quality primary science teaching. Problem: The research problem was approached in six different ways: 1) To investigate and create a list of attributes from Victorian primary school teachers which would be most likely to be evident in the exemplary teacher. 2) To determine the weighting Victorian primary school teachers placed upon a list of attributes linked to quality teachers. 3) To discover which term Victorian primary school teachers felt best described the exemplary teacher. 4) To discuss the attributes and factors contributing to outstanding practice in primary science teachers with leading science educators in the United Kingdom and the United States. 5) To examine the attributes of the outstanding primary school teacher and compare these to the outstanding primary school science teacher. 6) To align attributes of the outstanding Victorian primary school teachers with the research available on exemplary American science teachers. [...]