What do we know about men’s fertility levels in Australia?

2017-05-04T04:44:40Z (GMT) by Gray, Edith
There is less information available on men’s fertility in Australia than there is on women’s and some of it is either unreliable or incomplete. This paper analyses data that are available on men’s fertility from the births registration system and the first wave of interviews from the Negotiating the Life Course study completed in 1997. Young men are embarking on parenthood at a later age than in the past. For example, it is estimated that 68 per cent of men aged 30-34 in 1997 had not had a first birth by age 30. This compares with 33 per cent of men aged 50-54 in 1997 who had not had a child at age 30. Another consequence is that the proportion of men who are childless (currently 20 per cent of men aged 45-49) will increase significantly for younger men. Copyright. Monash University and the author/s