2019-09-16T23:01:58Z (GMT) by Cat Hope
For wind instrument and fixed media
Composed for Sylvia Hinz
Premiered 24 November, 2018 at Kunstbunker, Berlin, Germany.
Duo version performed 4th August 2019 by Clocked Out at Harrigans Lane Collective, NSW, Australia

Program Notes
This work is named after a book of the same name by American author Rebecca Solnit published in 2000. The book is in someways a requiem to walking, where the erasure of the journey is seem as the result of the “anxiety to produce” that characterises contemporary life. This piece deliberately meanders; the electronics part is created by the performer to personalise each ‘journey’ of the piece.

The score is proportional – the pitch being read on the vertical axis. A reference line is provided so the performer may reference a central pitch. Only glissandi should be used, except in the pizzicato sections. Shading indicates dynamic. The loudest dynamic is medium soft, the lowest is extremely soft. Width indicates complexity of sound.
The score should be read in the Decibel ScorePlayer application on an iPad, or as a video score, available on the composers’ website.

The electronics part is embedded in the score file, and can be sent out from the ipad through the headphone jack to a single speaker near the performer. Each performer is encouraged to make their own electronics part for their own performance – a recording of walking to or from the venue.
You will need the Decibel ScorePlayer to perform this piece. You create a special file with your own audio recording for the peice Download the Decibel ScorePlayer and the 'ScoreCreator' app here. The ScorePlayer is an iPad appliccation, the ScoreCreator is a desktop application you use to add the audio to the work. Open the Score Creator application, Add the text information as outlined in the image on the right.

Download the image file for the solo or duo version here, and add it in the 'Image File' field by browsing for it on your hardrive. Similarly, add the audio recording which must be exactly the same number of seconds you have put in 'Duration' (as per the image, 360 seconds - though you can make it as slow (long) or fast (short) as you like). When you have done this, click the Create! button and a "Wanderlust.dsz" file will be created. You then put this file into the Decibel ScorePlayer app, by sending it to your iPad using air drop. You will have your own personalised piece.

If you would rather have your audio recording play separate from the iPad player, you can download the stand alone Wanderlust dsz file for one player here.