Two-dimensional Plasmonic Nanoparticle Superlattices: Synthesis, Fabrication & Application

2019-01-07T02:47:08Z (GMT) by DASHEN DONG
Two-dimensional free-standing plasmonic superlattice (Plasmene) shows the superior ability to engineer properties by altering the particle size, shape, composition and interspacing. Despite the current success, there are still unsolved problems. This thesis aims to address issues from synthesis of plasmonic particles to fabrication of Plasmene using new building blocks and investigation on properties related applications. The successes in the synthesis of complex bimetallic nanoparticles and the fabrication of new plasmene nanosheets allow a better understanding of plasmonic coupling interactions of nanoparticles and self-assembly process. The demonstrated utilization of plasmene in immunoassay and optics further integrate the downstream real-world forensic applications.