Timbre and structure expressed through the performance of Livia Teodorescu- Ciocănea’s piano works (1985–2013)

2019-03-12T03:36:23Z (GMT) by TAMARA SMOLYAR
This performance-based research correlates three fundamental compositional parameters of Romanian composer Livia Teodorescu-Ciocanea’s work – timbre, texture and structure – with a set of performance guidelines resulting from Smolyar’s pianistic experience. Smolyar has intensively examined the timbral nuances that the pianoforte is able to achieve through an examination of the underlying structure and texture of Teodorescu-Ciocănea’s music, which is structured along spectralist lines and the composer’s innovative concept of ‘hypertimbralism’. The research aims to identify the role of timbre in the creation of musical meaning for each performance situation via score analysis and interpretative approaches depending on the physical requirements of playing the piano.