The use of group modelling techniques as a teaching tool

2017-06-05T06:57:45Z (GMT) by Haslett, Tim Barton, John Sarah, Rod
This paper discusses developments in the teaching of System Dynamics Modelling In the Department of Management at Monash University. The subject, Dynamic Systems Modelling, is a core unit in the Master of Management (Organization Systems) program. Developments in the teaching program over the last three years, leading to the use of group modelling techniques as advocated by Andersen, Richardson and Andersen and Vennix, are discussed. In particular, the use of different roles for group members is discussed with particular reference to the manner in which the expert modeller worked within the groups. The impact of logistic and time constraints on the curriculum, in relation to class based case studies against work-place based simulations, is examined as an on-going issue. Questions of disseminating SD techniques into the wider business community are discussed. The evaluation of the success of the use of group modelling techniques is based on learning diaries and reports from the students, all mature aged and part-time. The paper draws some conclusions on the usefulness and role of group modelling techniques and suggests future developments.



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