The idea of Reconciliation in Australian universities and how it has been articulated through Reconciliation Action Plans

2019-11-15T22:48:39Z (GMT) by VERONICA GOERKE
Starting with Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs), a policy ethnography was completed exploring reconciliation between non-Indigenous and First Nations peoples in Australian universities. This Reconciliation was found to exist on a complex dynamic Reconciliation Spiralling Continuum, evidenced by well-intentioned though sometimes assimilationist practices, through to those demonstrating Indigenous rights-based reconciliation. RAPs were found to be useful for some universities, but restrictive for others. Findings also indicated the need to listen to First Nations education leaders and those who are 'Reconciliation Elders' in future planning. The new synergistic South-West Indigenist Theory and a hybrid research methodology, the Refractive Reconciliatory Self-study, were key outcomes of this research.