The Worlds of Popular Fiction: Genres, Texts, Reading Communities

2019-10-09T04:48:04Z (GMT) by Eileen Lorraine Bullock
The genre novels of modern popular fiction are a highly successful form of narrative writing. They are increasingly seen as a valid mode of cultural production and a discrete field of narrative writing with distinctive properties governed by their own rules, practices and participants. There are several reasons why the study of these genre novels is important. First, more people read these novels than any other form of fiction. Second, the genre novels of popular fiction attract very loyal readers who feel they have established a connection to the author and to other like-minded readers and this emotional bond of loyalty can continue throughout the years with the readers returning often to their favorite novels. The final reason for the study of these novels is that while there have been studies undertaken that focus on specific genres and on the field of popular fiction as a whole, less attention has been given to the distinctive relationship developed between the reader and the text in popular fiction. This thesis aims to take a step towards addressing this gap.[…]