The Senge Archetypes: From Causal Loops to Computer Simulation

2017-06-05T04:26:23Z (GMT) by Haslett, Tim
This paper will examine a number of archetypes discussed in Senge's "The Fifth Discipline". In particular, it will use these models to demonstrate the nature of local learning and local rules. This will include a discussion of the relationship between learning and system equilibrium. In this process frequent comparison will be drawn between the relative merits of Causal Loop Diagramming and computer simulation. The dynamics of the causal loops, already discussed by Senge, will be examined briefly. This will be followed by a discussion of the computer models of a number of archetypes and their dynamics. The mathematical logic of these models will be explained. The models will then be used to demonstrate how the phenomenon known as "Local Learning" is represented by a dissipative system that brings the organization or system back into a new state of equilibrium. The paper seeks to demonstrate that computer simulation allows a level of analysis that provides a more complex comprehension than the simpler technology of Causal Loop Diagramming.



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