The Process of Enterprise Bargaining in Context: A Case Study

2017-06-06T01:29:37Z (GMT) by Barrett, Rowena Mutabazi, Cheryl
In this paper a case study of enterprise bargaining at Billanook College is used to illustrate the idea that organisational change is a messy and complex process rather than an event. A contextualist methodology is adopted to provide a descriptive understanding of how the outcomes of organisational change are dependent upon the process, as well as the contexts in which change took place. At Billanook College enterprise bargaining, and in particular the use of a certified agreement, served to formalise outcomes of organisational change and legitimate a range of organisational change issues. The case study reveals that the interplay between the process of change and the context, particularly the industrial context of the organisational change, was influential in shaping the outcomes of enterprise bargaining at Billanook College.



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