The Management of Change in Not-for-profit Aid Organisations

2017-06-08T01:49:06Z (GMT) by Lewis, Rowan Waddell, Dianne
This paper represents a small contribution to the collective knowledge that already surrounds the nature of change management by focusing on an often neglected type of organisation, the not-for-profit aid organisation. Specifically, the study explores whether aid organisations are managing change by utilising a so called 'soft' management technique - that is, implementing change in manner that is incremental and participative. This approach is quite strongly advocated by not-for-profit theory because, the argument suggests, it is more compatible with the organisation's non-economic, social orientation. But this paper describes an aid organisation, which does not in fact display a tendency to manage the change process participatively, regardless of the degree of change undertaken. This is explored further and it is concluded that participative techniques should be carefully utilised in a change process in such organisations and a number of recommendations are offered to this end.



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