The Indonesia Energy Technology Assessment (IETA) 2017

2019-07-25T00:38:26Z (GMT) by Kaliappa Kalirajan Arif Syed
The Energy Cluster of the Australia-Indonesia Centre engaged Professor Kaliappa Kalirajan of the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University, and Dr Arif Syed, ex-Director at the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to develop cost estimates for 14 selected electricity generation technologies for the Indonesian Energy Technology Assessment (IETA) under the Jakarta regional conditions. The IETA cost estimates were developed with the active collaboration of the experts from the Australian National University, Monash University and experts from the Indonesian Ministry (MEMR) and other practitioners. IETA cost estimates were developed to provide:

Design framework and plant characteristics;
Performance parameters;
Capital cost estimates;
Fuel cost estimates;
Operational and Maintenance cost estimates; and
Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) estimates.