Taeao: ʻO māfaufauga o faʻāliga ata ma o sāuniga mo o tātou lumanaʻi

2019-06-05T06:35:01Z (GMT) by LEULI ESHRAGHI
In bringing archipelagic and diasporic Sāmoan aesthetic practices, sensual and textual languages, and ceremonial-political structures into clearer constellation with those of our Indigenous relations near and far across the Vasalaolao (Great Ocean) and beyond, we can surpass faigamālō faʻakolone (colonial impacts) and continue becoming. This suʻesuʻega situates the recuperation of Indigenous knowledges, bodies and territories in sovereign futures within genealogical time and generational shifts today. Beyond Western curating, tautuanaga ʻo faʻāliga ata (images/likenesses/shadows/pictures serving collective wellbeing) is proposed, amongst associated innovations in language terms, to lead changes in the structures and outcomes of galleries, exhibitions, texts and works today.