Sub Aerial

2019-08-13T07:09:54Z (GMT) by Cat Hope
Written for the Sound Collectors.
Premiered April 1 2015, Melbourne, Victoria by the Sound Collectors.
Other performances - PICA July 17, 2015 The Sound Collectors.

" In Hope’s Sub Aerial the use of graphic scores is not always about introducing greater uncertainty and scope for interpretation into a work, but is a way of creating scores that demand the same fidelity from the performer as any notated score".
Mathew Lorenzon, Partial Durations.

This piece is presented as a series of ‘cards’ that shuffle and are performed for different durations. Each player has a colour, red or blue. Some cards feature both and are played with as an intertwined duet.

The piece draws from an image found in an old magazine as part of an advertisment for a grounded aerial. The composition uses very soft sounds and radio static to create an ethereal sound world of transmission. The score is a series of individual designs that are read as gestures and tracings, and each has its own associated dynamics and durations. The shuffling and timing of each card is automated in the Decibel ScorePlayer in the iPad and a short demonstration of how the work looks in the player is on the right. You can download the score file for it here. To find out how it works, and what you need - download the instructions. They come with the score file too. A digital or hard copy of the score is available from Material Press.

The work was featured in the 2015 Vivid Festival’s ‘Musify and Gamify - Contemporary Perspectives on musified games and gamified music’ project.