Smart Drug Delivery And Image-Guided Therapy for Cancer with Modified Carbonate Apatite Nanoparticles

2019-10-21T05:42:41Z (GMT) by AHSANUL KAISER
Nanoparticles-based drug delivery research that led to a promising and viable technology platform has been accepted as an alternative drug delivery system to reduce limitations of the conventional chemotherapy. Recently, inorganic biodegradable pH-sensitive carbonate apatite (CA), a potential drug nanocarrier have been shown to confer great advantages to carry the anti-cancer drugs as well as genetic materials in an efficient and targeted manner. Here we present a different fabrication approach for CA modified with Barium salt as a typical entity of therapeutic importance to reduce the complex diameter and thus to increase the payload capacity for enhanced intracellular transport of different types of therapeutics, such as synthetic anti-cancer drug (DOX, doxorubicin) and co-delivery of ICG and DOX to cancer cell lines.