Revelation and Equivalence: A Methodology for the Translation of Sacred-Texts; as applied to the Tiqqunim of the Zohar.

2019-04-03T00:43:55Z (GMT) by DAVID CHARLES SOLOMON
The thesis brings together two vibrant twenty-first-century academic disciplines, Translation Studies and the scholarship of Jewish mystical literature, towards a greater understanding of the inter-lingual translation of sacred texts. Proposing a methodology for an English translation of the medieval Aramaic writings known as the Tiqqunim of the Zohar, the thesis presents an original translation of three tiqqunic excerpts. The methodology utilises an approach to equivalent translation that recognises the unique revelatory and experiential nature of the Zohar, strives to reflect the ‘poetics of rupture’ of the source text, and seeks to satisfy the faithful expectations of communities of traditional readers.