Rejunk (cang-incang verses)

2017-07-17T03:18:17Z (GMT) by Kartomi, Margaret J. Kartomi, Hidris
Audio 7.3: Audio Example 3 in Chapter 7 of book: Margaret Kartomi, ‘Musical Journeys in Sumatra’, Champaign-Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2012. The vocal practice called “rejunk” involves the singing of responsorial rhyming quatrains or “cang-incang” for a particular, desired affect. This example of “cang-incang” is a song of advice and praise, sung by Bp M. Denin Jakub during a Komering wedding in Kayuagung. Ibu Sri Cik Timah, an elderly female (not recorded), responds to his often improvised verses. Recorded December 1971. Duration: 1 min. 29 sec. Copyright 1971. Margaret J. Kartomi.