R codes and data for Metonymy in Indonesian Prefixal Word-formation

2018-08-11T02:45:36Z (GMT) by Gede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg
This repository shares the .RData and R codes for generating the figures ("metoprefix_plotting_codes.R") and the statistical analyses ("metoprefix_stats_codes.R") in my paper (included here) on the role of metonymy as a semantic motivation for prefixal word-formation in Indonesian (cf. Janda, 2011, for the first study in Russian, Czech, and Norwegian).

This repository also includes the .png files for the figures in the paper and the pdf file for the poster through which the paper is presented at the Seminar Nasional Bahasa Ibu (National Seminar on Mother Tongue) in 2013; the seminar was (and is still) organised by the Postgraduate program of the Linguistics Department, Udayana University, Indonesia.

The materials in this repository were intended to be an updated version of the figshare repository for the same paper, which already shares the full pdf of the paper and the spreadsheet containing the data. However, due to rendering error of a file uploaded there, hence unable to save and publish the new version, I decided to create a new repository for this update.

Running the R codes:

To run the codes, especially in the "metoprefix_stats_codes.R" file, users firstly need to install two R packages from the tidyverse, i.e. dplyr and tidyr. However, it is recommended to install the suit of the tidyverse packages all together by typing install.packages("tidyverse") in the R console.

It is recommended that all the files are put in the same folder. To open an R session associated with the directory of these files, double click on the gpwrajeg_2013_metoprefix.RData. Then, users can double click on the R script(s) (the file(s) with .R extension) to open it and run the codes in there.