RCDE simulation data

2019-05-06T06:27:43Z (GMT) by Rob Warren
Compressed archive containing cloud-resolving model (CRM) and single-column model (SCM) simulations of radiative-convective-dynamical equilibrium (RCDE). Output of CRM simulations, performed with Cloud Model 1 (CM1), is stored in the directory rcde/crm. Output of SCM simulations, performed with the Met Office Unified Model (MetUM), is stored in the directory rcde/scm. Subdirectories contain data from individual simulations, which are named "Ta-Wb", where a is the sea surface temperature in Kelvin and b is the large-scale vertical velocity magnitude in cm/s. Directories with the suffix "_long" correspond to extended simulations which were run out to 200 days for the CRM and 1000 days for the SCM (standard simulations were run out to 100 days).