PtII, PtIII and PtIV Complexes from Chemical and Electrochemical Oxidation of organoamidoplatinum(II) Compounds

2017-08-13T23:52:51Z (GMT) by RUCHIKA OJHA
A detailed study of the chemical and electrochemical oxidation of a platinum(II) organoamide complex [Pt{(p-BrC6F4)NCH2CH2NEt2}Cl(py)], a representative of a class of rule breaker anticancer platinum(II) compounds. The compounds obtained after the chemical oxidation are organoenamineamide platinum(II) complexes for eg [Pt{(p-BrC6F4)NCH=CHNEt2}Cl(py)] in which the organoamide ligand is oxidised in addition to the Platinum(IV) complex [Pt{(p-BrC6F4)NCH2CH2NEt2}Cl(py)(OH)2] in which metal centre is oxidised. Electrochemical oxidation of [Pt{(p-BrC6F4)NCH2CH2NEt2}Cl(py)] gives rise to a rare monomeric platinum(III) species. Conditions favouring formation and stabilisation of this monomeric platinum(III) species are sought in this study. The rearrangement of this monomeric platinum(III) species produces [Pt{(p-BrC6F4)NCH=CHNEt2}Cl(py)] with oxidised ligand.