Policy and behavioural interventions on child health in South Asia: Essays from Nepal and India

2020-05-21T04:23:00Z (GMT) by PRABHAT LAMICHHANE
Three policy and behavioural interventions implemented to improve child health were evaluated that consisted of 1) exemption of user-fees for delivery services on maternal and child health in Nepal 2) access to improved sanitation and disposal of child faeces in improved sanitation on diarrhoea in Nepal; and 3) household use of cleaner fuel and improved stove on Acute Respiratory Infections among under-five year children in India. Removal of user-fees improved neonatal health and increased maternal service utilisation. Behavioural interventions - safe disposal of child faeces, use of improved stoves and cleaner fuel reduced likelihood of childhood morbidity namely, diarrhoea and Acute Respiratory Infections.