Nurse manager perceptions regarding sexual intimacy rights of aged care residents : an exploratory Queensland study

2017-06-02T01:05:55Z (GMT) by Heron, Joan Taylor, Sandra
Basic human rights to sexual intimacy and freedom of sexual expression for aged care residents can be denied or under-valued, due partly to stigma associated with older people and sexuality. The objectives of this study were to report Nurse Manager perceptions regarding residents' rights, policies and factors that facilitated or constrained sexual intimacy. A qualitative pilot study using semi-structured interviews was developed, Senior Nurse Managers in Central Queensland) were interviewed, and a thematic analysis undertaken. Results indicated that most facilities had unwritten policies regarding residents' rights to sexual intimacy. Residents demonstrated desire for sexual intimacy in various ways. Privacy considerations, duty of care, residents’ cognitive functioning, residents' families and staff attitudes and education facilitated or constrained residents' sexual expression. Conclusions were drawn that residential facilities were complex sites for the expression and management of sexual intimacy; specific factors could facilitate or constrain residents' rights.