Not drowning, ingesting: dealing with the research data deluge at an institutional level

2016-08-30T00:49:58Z (GMT) by Samantha Searle Andrew Harrison
Australian government funding and policy guidelines increasingly encourage researchers to deposit their research data in institutional or subject repositories, but there are significant technical and organisational practicalities involved in achieving this. In this paper, Monash University Library staff members with responsibility for repository development and research data management describe their work together to establish the Monash University ARROW Repository as a key part of the university’s overall program to improve research data management. Repository - related activities are discussed in the context of wider developments, both in technical infrastructure and in terms of professional development and outreach to researchers.

Presented at  ‘Connections content conversations’, the 15th VALA Biennial Conference and Exhibition (VALA 2010), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 9-11 February 2010

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