Music, dance and war ceremony in Onelako.

2018-07-17T05:13:56Z (GMT) by Music Archive of Monash University
Tape contains field recordings taken by Margaret Kartomi in Onelako, Indonesia, on the 6 January 1990. Musicians from Onelako, Kecamatan Ndona, Kabupaten Ende, East Nusa Tenggara. Track information: 05 Tari Woge - war dance (after win), five Nggo Loo; 06 Tari Fekobu (social dance), one Foi (flute) + one Alabana; 07 Nggo Dhengi; 08 Nggo Lamba Ensemble (gongs, drums, percussion); 09 Tari Gawi - social dance after war, all join hands circling ancestral stone in square. Atasodha (pantun leader) in centre. (Went for many hours).