Music in front of the office of the bupati of Ngada, Flores.

2020-03-04T22:52:31Z (GMT) by Music Archive of Monash University
Tape contains unpublished field recordings taken by Margaret Kartomi in Flores, Indonesia, on the 8 January 1990. Musicians from desa Wogo, kecamatan Golewa, kabupaten Ngada, Flores. Track information: 01 Laba-Go (separate pitches and gongchime recorded); 02 Laba-Go; 03 Laba-Go; 04 Tari Laba Go; 05 Tari Saha; 06 Musik bamboo (foi dea, foi pai, bheyokedhi bhego meze, blu'ru-lilu + singing in 3 parts); 07 Bhiru-lilu solo; 08 Music Bamboo. Notes: Depan Kantor Bupati � 11am.