Music and New Year ceremony from Flores.

2018-07-17T05:57:15Z (GMT) by Music Archive of Monash University
Tape contains field recordings taken by Margaret Kartomi in Flores, Indonesia, on the 7 January 1990. Musicians from Flores, Kecamatan Golewa, Desa Wogo, Kabupaten Ngada, East Nusa Tenggara. Track information: 01 Goe-Goe; 02 O Uwi (o ubi); 03 Keloghae, 04 O Uwi; solo and choral singing led by an Anajara (foal - anakkuda). Notes: Sunday 07/01/1990 4pm, Reba (New Year ceremony - solo and choral singing), Happens once a year between December and February, different time and different village.