Monotonic and Cyclic Behaviour of Innovative High Capacity Hybrid Beam-Columns

2017-05-09T01:56:54Z (GMT) by FATEMEH JAVIDAN
This thesis investigates the incorporation of high and ultra-high strength steel materials in innovative structural members. The aim of the work is to gain a thorough understanding and promote the application of these materials in construction practice. This research involves component-scale experiments on innovative fabricated sections in addition to comprehensive materials scale studies. Large-scale experiments include compression, bending and interaction loadings applied to understand the performance of high capacity members and evaluate the applicability of available standards provisions. Component-scale cyclic investigations were also performed to extract the seismic behaviour and develop reliable nonlinear models. The material-scale characterisations were done with special focus on heat effects, cyclic hardening and softening, etc. A robust finite element model was also developed employing the experimental results which provides a useful tool for further investigations on hybrid fabricated sections.