Monitoring respiratory function during neonatal resuscitation

2017-02-03T04:03:00Z (GMT) by Schmölzer, Georg Marcus
The studies presented in this thesis show that a RFM can be used during mannequin based neonatal training program to: 1) teach correct mask hold and positioning techniques to diminish leak; 2) teach assessment of PIP and PEEP; 3) teach assessment of tidal volumes and adjustment of PIP to deliver an appropriate tidal volume. During neonatal resuscitation a RFM can provide continuous information about: 1) tidal volume 2) mask or ETT leak, 3) tube placement after endotracheal intubation, 5) the PIP and PEEP being delivered. In addition, I believe it provides valuable information about 1) ventilation rate, 2) inflation and expiration times, 3) the spontaneous breathing patterns, tidal volume and interaction with the inflations. 

Awards: Winner of the Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal for Excellence, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, 2011.