Miss Fortune X

2019-08-27T20:48:01Z (GMT) by Cat Hope

Decibel, September 2012, WA State Museum (premiere)
Decibel, December 2012, TedX, Perth, Octagon Theatre
Featured on Cat Hope 'Ephemeral Rivers' CD, Hat[now]ART 200

Miss Fortune X is the name of a radio controlled model airplane my father built and flew several iterations of throughout his lifetime. The work uses segments of the base plan as a guide for the construction of the score, and in more detail, the piano part, where an e-bow and roughened plectrums are used to alter the timbre of the instrument. The original plan, from a magazine, had been copied and resized many times over many years, creating a layer of visual noise in later copies which is also included as musical material for the work. The piece continues my explorations of drone and glissandi, and the sonic colour of radio static, which carries a new metaphorical meaning in this work. It is dedicated to Douglas Campbell Hope (1937 – 2012).

A digital or hard copy of the score is available from Material Press.