Microgel-Functionalised Hollow Fibre Membrane for Dialysis

2020-03-20T08:28:12Z (GMT) by Wong Lai Ling
Treatment for kidney disease comes at a tremendous economic cost. A functionalised hollow fibre membrane using swellable additive was proposed to overcome current limitations. A hybrid of polyvinylidene fluoride and polysulfone polymers were used as the membrane materials. The ductility and brittle behaviours of the blended polymers enhance the mechanical strength of the hollow fibres. Then, the hollow fibres underwent hydrophilization using a temperature-responsive poly(2-dimethylamino) ethyl methacrylate to synthesise them into microgel particles. The outcome of the regeneration showed that microgel-functionalised membranes could use pure water instead of chemical agents, and promote self-cleaning through temperature regulation.