Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for improved accumulation and storage of standard and high-value lipids and impacts on cellular physiology

2018-11-07T22:55:54Z (GMT) by HUADONG PENG
The development of sustainable sources of industrial feedstocks such as lipids (oils) is an imperative for the planet’s future. An alternative to crop production of oils that can involve land clearing, is production of lipids within cells of microbes such as Bakers’ yeast. Microbial lipids have wide utility in industry and reduce burden on the environment. In this Ph.D. thesis, strategies for the improvement of yeast lipid production were investigated and resulted in high level production of standard and high value lipids in cells. The fundamental discoveries from this thesis will open up opportunities to supply our society with renewable fuels, cosmetics, lubricants, etc.