Example 11.2: Mendu performance excerpt, 2013

2018-11-26T05:39:29Z (GMT) by Karen Kartomi Thomas
Excerpt of mendu theatre performance 2013, Indonesia (in Sedenau town on the island of Sedenau, Natuna, Riau Islands). A scene in which the villain turns the princess into a White Elephant, accompanied by music ensemble (biola [violin], gendang drum, and gong) held in Sedenau sports hall.

For more information about this example, see Chapter 11, 'Mendu theatre performance in the Natuna islands (1984-2013): transformations in function, performance practices and style' by Karen Kartomi Thomas, in Margaret Kartomi (ed), Performing the Arts of Indonesia: Malay Identity and Politics in the Music, Dance and Theatre of the Riau Islands, Copenhagen: Nias Press, 2019.