Mapping the Policy Environment on Primary STEM Education

2019-09-20T05:20:21Z (GMT) by LISA ANNE FAZIO
The Government of Australia STEM policies leading to school-based implementation have been studied. The purpose has been to understand the Government’s policy design and quality in leading to implementation. Recently, Government Primary STEM Education policy dimensions, for example, the action of requiring pre-service primary teacher specialisation with a priority in STEM, have been administered with sparse academic research, and projects limited by funds and duration. Further, such policy has been unframed or not comprehensively documented, leading to policies in tension rather than harmony for implementation nation-wide. To frame and show policy quality, this study used an exploratory and integrative methodology to collect and analyse Government policy documents and an in-depth interview relying on four coding methods: word, line, axial, and thematic to form a Conceptual Framework.




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