Malaysian Diabetes and Research on Lifestyle Intervention Group (MY DARLING) Study: The impact of diabetes education on knowledge, metabolic control, self-care skills and self-efficacy in Type 2 Diabetes patients in ambulatory settings.

2019-03-14T01:46:28Z (GMT) by BADARIAH AHMAD
Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic which impacts society and poses an escalating burden of disease worldwide. An important aspect to address in the face of this epidemic is diabetes education and self-care management, the cornerstone of diabetes management. MY DEMO is an education programme which teaches patients basic information about their condition and ways to optimize their control by performing self-monitoring blood glucose. The programme has been successful in improving patients’ knowledge of diabetes, confidence and compliance in self-care behaviour and importantly has improved patients’ diabetes control. Diabetes education should be an ongoing for Type 2 diabetes patients.