Learners as Writers: A Case Study of EFL Creative Writing Resources and Practices in Indonesia

2019-12-01T21:45:15Z (GMT) by HENNY HERAWATI
This research project aims at investigating students’ and teachers’ EFL creative writing practices in Indonesia. This qualitative case study, situated in two universities, involved 11 university students and four teachers. The methods of data collection were interviews, observations, and documents (journals and samples of students’ writings). Amabile’s theory of creativity, Dewantara’s 3N learning principles, and Kaufman and Beghetto’s Four-C developmental trajectory theory were synthesised as the theoretical framework. Some key findings are: ‘novelty’ and ‘originality’ were culturally interpreted; being ‘observant’ emerged as an important attribute; synthesising and using bilingual ability were significant capacities employed in the process; and a few misalignments existed between views and practices.