Irama Mayok-Tari Penguton

2017-07-21T03:27:21Z (GMT) by Kartomi, Margaret J. Kartomi, Hidris
Audio 7.7: Audio Example 7 in Chapter 7 of book: Margaret Kartomi, ‘Musical Journeys in Sumatra’, Champaign-Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2012. “Tari Penguton”, a welcome dance specific to the Kayuagung area, has a stateliness reminiscent of sultanate times. It is elaborately choreographed and costumed, and all dancers have designated roles. The female leader, Nona Istutiah, carries a box of betel nut and accessories to offer to an honoured guest. She is accompanied by six ‘ladies-in-waiting’ who carry a bronze betel-spitting vase, fans, umbrellas; and some male attendants carry weapons. An introductory section with a traditional rhythm, “Irama Mayok”, precedes “Tari Penguton”. Only a few seconds of “Irama Mayok” are included in this excerpt from a recording made in December 1971. The introduction and dance are accompanied by a “tabuhan” ensemble led by Bp Alik and comprising gong-chimes, gongs and drums. Duration: 1 min. 24 sec. Copyright 1971. Margaret J. Kartomi.