"Into this space"

2017-10-11T04:19:50Z (GMT) by Themann, Mark
The exhibited multi-channel video installation titled "Into This Space" will be referenced throughout this exegesis as I.T.S. I.T.S. seeks to extend the potentialities within the ‘event-scores’ (and the ‘event’) – as originally developed by George Brecht – a terrain that invites ongoing expansion and has been underdeveloped and underexposed in contemporary art. I.T.S. asks: How can the actual act of reading the ‘event-score’ extend the terrain of the ‘event’ and its ‘event-score’? How can a multi-channel video installation enhance the potentiality of the ‘event-score’ and its ‘event’ whilst maintaining a poetic, critical and experiential reflection on the basics of Installation Art?

Award: Winner of the Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal for Excellence, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, 2012.