Interpreting Land Tenure Regulation in Đổi Mới Socialist Vietnam

2019-08-06T01:06:13Z (GMT) by TOAN CHAU NGOC LE
This thesis has explored how different groups of state and non-state actors have interpreted land tenure ideas, particularly from the socialist period of 1986 to the present time. It has involved investigation of four questions. First, what are the epistemic communities involved in the interpretation of agricultural land tenure regulation? Secondly, what are the different core ideas that have influenced the interpretation of land tenure rights by actors in different epistemic communities? Thirdly, to what extent have the actors in different epistemic communities shifted the way they have interpreted agricultural land tenure rights following different periods of interactions? Lastly, and the subject of this Chapter, what is the likely trajectory of agricultural land tenure reform based on interaction regarding epistemic ideas between different epistemic communities?