Interactions between Plants and Faecal Microorganisms in Urban Stormwater Biofilters: Significance of Plant Debris and Root Exudates

2017-07-09T23:24:31Z (GMT) by MARYAM SHIRDASHTZADEH
Stormwater is a valuable alternative water resource which can reduce the pressure on existing water resources in urban areas. Biofiltration is a sustainable treatment technology which has shown promising results in removing these microbial pollutants of concern. However, current stormwater biofilters are not optimized for pathogen removal and hence, a wide variance in removal performances is reported in literature. It is often reported that the variable faecal microbial removal in stormwater biofilters is due to the influence of different biofilter design factors and operational condition on microbial retention and survival processes within stormwater biofilters. Efforts have been made to improve filter media for faecal microbial removal, but relatively little is explored on the potential of the biotic processes related to plants and/or soil microorganisms for pathogen removal in stormwater biofilters.