ICOM Palmyra-Talk at the ICOM General Conference (Kyoto, Japan, 2019)

2019-09-05T03:05:39Z (GMT) by Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo
Keynote Speech at the ICOM Palmyra-Talk, ICOM General Conference
Wednesday, September 4, 2019 13:30 – 14:30, ICC - Kyoto International Conference Center, Room „Sakura”.

The ICOM Palmyra Talks are a series of events organized by ICOM Austria to raise public awareness on the importance of protecting archaeological sites, fighting against illicit trafficking and trading of cultural objects to save our common heritage. The special ICOM Palmyra Talk on the occasion of the ICOM General Conference in Kyoto presents a groundbreaking new online-platform initiated by the British Museum to detect and recover looted artefacts.

Lecture: “Circulating Artefacts: An online platform against the looting and sale of illicit antiquities”
Dr. Carlo Rindi, Lead Curator: Circulating Artefacts, Dept. Egypt and Sudan, The British Museum

The “Circulating Artefacts Project” is a key initiative of the British Museum against the looting and trafficking of illicit antiquities. Heritage professionals, collectors, art dealers, law enforcement agencies and anyone else can have antiquities appraised for possible signs of illicit provenance, enabling the detection and recovery of countless looted artefacts that would otherwise go unnoticed. Within a year of the project’s inception, over 60.000 illicit antiquities have been identified.