Hybrid Ionic liquid Electrolytes for Lithium Battery Applications

2019-04-04T01:47:36Z (GMT) by Sowmiya Theivaprakasam
One key factor for the success of mobile electronic devices is the lithium/lithium-ion battery. They are known for their high energy density as well as minor safety issues. Electrolytes play a significant role in terms of performance and safety of the lithium-ion battery. This thesis studies a hybrid electrolyte (HE) formulation which involves the addition of ionic liquid to the conventional electrolytes. Compatibility of commercial cathodes and aluminium current collector at high oxidation potentials are tested. Lithium-ion prototypes with HE are also analysed for their performance from room temperatures to sub-zero temperatures. The present work will create significant impact towards the safe operation of lithium-ion batteries over a wide potential and temperature range.