Health and Physical Education: The Five Propositions cards

Developed by Monash University and published in collaboration with ACHPER, Health and Physical Education: The Five Propositions is a set of five cards that can be used by teachers, educators and university students as a tool to help support their emerging understandings of the five propositions of the new Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.

The five proposition cards break down each proposition into a sharp, succinct definition informed by contemporary research. Each proposition is supported by a set of strategic questions deliberately crafted to clarify understandings of each proposition and then challenge deeper thinking about how they might play out in schools and classrooms.

Designed with frontline time compressed practitioners in mind, the questions are informed by the experience of four Monash University academics grappling with meaning yet determined to embed the propositions in their own work.

Each card looks at one proposition (focus on educative purposes; take a strengths-based approach; value movement; develop health literacy; and include a critical inquiry approach) and contains a series of questions to guide users whilst reading curriculum documents, during programme/unit/course reviews or during the scope and sequence/programme design process in schools and at universities.