Gaining an understanding of Hindemith's compositional techniques in order to present an informed performance of his Sonata for Four Horns (1952)

2017-02-16T02:51:32Z (GMT) by Rampant, David
The thesis begins by presenting the foundations of this thesis through an analysis of The Craft of Composition and A Composer's World. It includes a discussion of The Craft of Composition providing an understanding of Hindemith's compositional processes, and ultimately how he applied them to his Sonata for Four Horns. It also examines A Composer's World and in doing so demonstrates the contextural significance of the compositional processes explained in The Craft of Composition to the performance of this work. Based on the information found within the texts, an analysis of form, melodic structure and compositional devices found within the Sonata ... follows. The analysis provides the natural progression to directly address the thesis topic and provides informed advice for myself, as the leader of the quartet, that will help to achieve a performance that recognises Hindemith's overall intentions as the composer of the work.