Fourth Australasian Egyptology Conference (Melbourne, Australia, 2016) - Abstracts

2019-03-15T02:42:57Z (GMT) by Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo
Presented paper: Aspects of regional style in the funerary cartonnage from Kellis

Excavations in the Kellis 1 cemetery at Ismant el-Kharab (Dakhleh Oasis) brought to light a substantial amount of funerary cartonnage. The decorative program of the pieces suggests the presence of a specific regional style used in the Dakhleh Oasis, but not exclusively. In particular, similarities have been noticed with the cartonnage excavated in different sites in the neighbouring oasis of Kharga (El-Deir, ‘Ain Dabashiya, ‘Ain el-Labakha, Dush). This paper intends to preliminarily investigate this particular aspect by examining the most prominent features of the cartonnage production of the area.

I assisted with the organisation and preparation of the Conference, during the event, and I designed and edited the programme and book of abstracts. I am also part of the Editorial Board for the publication of the Proceedings.