2019-02-19T01:56:45Z (GMT) by JOSEPH LOUIS GRIFFITHS
This Master of Fine Art project is by studio research and exegesis. The studio-based research developed as a body of artworks, which can be categorized as Fountains – sculptural systems designed to circulate and display the flow of water. These works explore how water infrastructure, engineering and ecology influence the physical and social shape of urban life. Themes of water solution, scarcity, collection, and a highly reductive formal language permeate the series’ various iterations. Combining sculptural systems, interventions, and videos, these works explore how the fountain form can be used to highlight and re-evaluate the systems of water distribution, circulation and waste in the local context. At their core is an interest in the tensions inherent to urban water between engineering and ecology, fear and desire, scarcity and abundance, and the limits of control.



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