Fold Stack (Cape Liptrap, VIC) orthophotograph basemap A3

2018-03-07T03:42:13Z (GMT) by Stefan Vollgger Alexander Cruden
The high resolution orthophotograph for this map was generated using a UAV photogrammetry workflow as outlined in Vollgger & Cruden 2015 (Journal of Structural Geology).

This basemap can be freely used for educational purposes (e.g., geological/structural mapping of sedimentary rocks). Students will be able to locate themselves quicker and more accurately in the field. Additionally, the high resolution basemap allows them to get a more holistic view of structural features (i.e., folds & fractures) as well as sedimentary features (i.e., slumping) that Cape Liptrap is famous for.

Note that the size of the PDF is optimized to be printed in format A3.