Eye of desire: an elaboration of sculpture, space and its emotion

2017-02-22T05:07:43Z (GMT) by Consandine, Catherine Rebecca
This research paper investigates the language of desire and its relationship to my sculptural practice. My studio research has been engaged in sculptural outcomes through video, performance and objects; core to this, is the relationship between vision and desire. My paper charts the evolution of this and how I consider these factors when making art. My process stems from my engagement with the metaphor of the eye and of how I see, the condition of a tactile gaze as analogous to desire. My studio research — videos, manufactured work, performance — has been a personal pursuit in an attempt to understand both the intervention within a gallery setting and to uncover my personal motivations for why I create the work that I do. The thesis charts the evolution of my process into the body and performance and its reclamation through manipulated video loops. These interventions act as spatial engagement with landscape and body, explored through a number of strategies using the eye as the mechanical and metaphoric device