Empirical built environment and transit use literature since 2000: Comprehensive literature review protocol and results

This protocol sets out the strategy used to identify records, screen for relevance and extract data points pertaining to empirical estimates of the relationship between the built environment and transit use. The present document is intended as a methodological reference for subsequent analyses that draw on the data obtained through the search. The purpose of conducting this comprehensive review was to obtain a representative sample of studies since 2000 from which robust meta-averages could be calculated. The secondary aim was to detect patterns of variation in effect sizes related to study invariant characteristics such as attributes of the sample, location of data collection and study design. Quantities of records identified or screened at each stage of the review are also documented to give a thorough and transparent record of results.

The review protocol is mapped to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Protocols (PRISMA-P).


1. Comprehensive Literature Review Protocol and Results

2. Metadata

Note: This file set does not contain a database. Data is published as subsets in accordance with subsequent analyses.

Version 2 of the literature review protocol contains the following changes to the coding framework:

2.1 Introduction of dichotomous variable to identify control for ‘regional accessibility’ and ‘self selection’

2.2 Removed screening criteria based on geography: introduced 39 new studies

2.3 Realigned built environment indicators to include accessibility indicators, with less emphasis on ‘D-variables’