Elle (A play for one audience member and one eye at a peephole)

2017-05-17T11:23:50Z (GMT) by Anita Beckman
Elle played from 3 to 8 August, 2004 at La Mama Theatre in Carlton, Melbourne. It was directed by Christian Leavesley, designed by Angela Buckingham and per- formed by Anita Beckman. There were two performances every evening. In the early show three "layers" of audience were present: A single person to whom ELLE directed her speech (referred to as AUDIENCE in the script), a person who watched from a concealed peephole booth (referred to as VOYEUR) and a ìconventionalî group audience who observed the interaction between ELLE, AUDIENCE and VOYEUR. The late show was an intimate performance with only three people present: ELLE, AUDIENCE and VOYEUR.